Eliminating Harassment and Bullying

In January 2016, ICS and ITF joined forces to publish new international Guidance on Eliminating Shipboard Harassment and Bullying. Any form of harassment can have serious implications for the physical and emotional health of seafarers, and can also compromise teamwork with negative consequences for the safety of the ship and its crew. The new ICS/ITF Guidance sets out what shipping companies, seafarers and seafarers’ organisations can do to help prevent harassment from becoming a serious issue. Shipowners are urged to develop policies and plans to eliminate harassment and bullying as a matter of good employment practice.

As well as providing advice on company policies on reporting, complaints and grievance procedures, the Guidance addresses the responsibilities of seafarers and their employers to use these procedures appropriately and for being aware of any harassment or bullying that might occur within the maritime workplace. This includes any instances of cyber-bullying – text messages and social media now being a part of everyday shipboard life.

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