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Proposed amendments to the draft Guidance on best practice for fuel oil suppliers

ICS Annual Review (2015)

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ICS-ISF Annual Review (2011)

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Flag State Performance Table 2016-2017

Flag State Performance Table 2013-2014

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Flag State Performance Table 2014-2015

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New work output on efficient identification and enhancement of safety, technical, operational and documentation review and amendment for improvement and consistent implementation of the Ballast Water Management Convention

Safe transport of polymerizing substances

ICS Publications Catalogue 2018

In addition to representing the interests of shipowners and operators at bodies such as the International Maritime Organization (IMO) and the International Labour Organization (ILO), the production and revision of maritime publications is one of the most important tasks that ICS undertakes on behalf of the shipping industry. Most of the publications listed in the catalogue can be ordered directly from Marisec Publications, but they can also be purchased from maritime booksellers worldwide. Many of these industry guides are an essential complement to international regulations, and are required reading by companies and seafarers involved in maritime operations. Some current editions are still published under the ‘International Shipping Federation (ISF)’ brand, although ISF has merged with ICS.

Guidelines for the Preparation and Implementation of Garbage Management Plans

2nd Edition 2018 | £65 with free poster

The second edition of the ICS ‘Garbage Management Plans’ is intended to help shipping companies comply with the latest requirements of IMO MARPOL Annex V (regarding treatment and disposal of garbage). The publication has been updated in accordance with some important IMO amendments to MARPOL Annex V, which entered into force globally in 2013, 2017 and 2018. It also includes a complementary poster on marine plastics.poster on marine plastics.

ICS Comments to U.S. Office of Management and Budget Consultation on Maritime Regulatory Reform

Rhinos United for Wildlife poster

Pangolin United for Wildlife poster

Elephants United for Wildlife poster

Cats United for Wildlife poster

Development of an International Legally Binding Instrument under UNCLOS on the Conservation and Sustainable Use of Biological Diversity in Areas beyond National Jurisdiction

ICS Bridge Procedures Guide

5th Edition 2016 | £135

The ICS Bridge Procedures Guide is widely acknowledged as the principal industry guidance on safe bridge procedures, and is used by Masters, watchkeeping officers, companies and training institutions worldwide. The Guide is referenced in the footnotes of several International Maritime Organization (IMO) Conventions.

Consortia Block Exemption Regulation - European Commission Evaluation Roadmap HT 5252

Safety implications associated with 2020 fuels and their respective challenges

Verification issues and control mechanism and actions

Draft standard for reporting on fuel oil non-availability

Ship specific implementation plans for achieving compliance

Proposals for amendments to regulations of MARPOL Annex VI to require sampling points for fuel oil

Publications Order Form

This Publications Order Form is to be used when ordering publications directly from Marisec Publications. Alternatively, they can also be purchased from maritime booksellers worldwide.

Comments on document SSE 510

Comments on documents SDC 510 and SDC 510 Add.1

Results of the ICS pilotage, towage and mooring survey 2016

Comments on document NCSR 522

Industry guidance on the development of a Polar Water Operational Manual

Comments on document MSC 99-10

Proposals for the development of a work plan

ICS Shipping Industry Flag State Performance Table 2017/18

The ICS Shipping Industry Flag State Performance Table brings together data available in the public domain regarding the performance of flag states in terms of, inter alia, Port State Control records, ratification of international Conventions, and IMO meeting attendance. It is intended to encourage shipowners to maintain a dialogue with their flag administrations to help bring about any improvements that might be necessary in the interests of safety, the environment and decent working conditions.

Reducing CO2 Emissions to Zero: The ‘Paris Agreement for Shipping’

This booklet on reduction of CO2 Emissions in international shipping sheds light on the implementation process of the Initial Strategy on Reduction of GHG Emissions from Ships, as adopted by the UN International Maritime Organization (IMO) in April 2018.

Annual Review 2018

The 2018 ICS Annual Review is intended as a comprehensive overview of all the major issues faced by the global shipping industry, and in which ICS is engaged on behalf of its member national shipowners’ associations. The Annual Review will be of interest to anyone involved with international shipping, including shipping companies, maritime administrations and policy makers.

Fighting Corruption

Shipping Policy

In Defence of Open Registers

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