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The Diversity Panel launched in January 2020 provides a forum for a selected group of Senior leaders from across the world to discuss matters of concern regarding Diversity, Inclusion, and Individual difference. The Panel brings together industry experts to discuss a wide range of topics. The Panel reports to the ICS Board and provides feedback to the ICS Labour Affairs Committee. Meets at least 3 times a year to discuss and make recommendations regarding how to create a more diverse workforce and  to make all seafarers feel valued. Ensures that the industry constantly works towards reflecting current best practices to drive diversity and inclusion throughout the workforce of the maritime industry.

The Panel produced The Diversity Tracker, which surveyed more than 200 shipping companies across the world, and sets baseline targets for improved corporate diversity and inclusion policies. It is the first of its kind released within the Shipping industry. It is soon to launch a Diversity Toolkit for sale soon to assist companies to enhance their actions relating to Diversity and Inclusion which is designed to work alongside the diversity tracker and it has already created a diversity charter for companies to see where they are in their diversity journey. The Maritime Diversity and Inclusion Charter can be found here.

The Diversity Panel also:

  • Conducts and participates in seminars and workshops to develop industry awareness.
  • Conducts Surveys to understand the changing needs of the shipping industry.
  • Prepares ICS positions on related matters related to be discussed at:


Special Tripartite Committee HTW
JWG on the Human Element JWG on the Human Element
Legal Committee
  • Connects to and liaises with other external bodies when and as deemed appropriate by. These may include Governmental, Inter-governmental (IGO), Non-governmental (NGO), or public, private, or commercial organisations.

For further information contact Ondrilla Fernandes at [email protected]