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Event programme

Shaping the Future of Shipping conference programme

Saturday 6 November

Opening Keynotes

Panel – The Commitment and Challenge

  •  Setting the scene
  •  Scale, complexity and drivers
  •  Customer dynamics
  •  Initiatives and roadmap

Ministerial Roundtable – The Political Challenge

  •  Market-based measures
  •  Financial incentives for low-carbon fuel development
  •  Public-Private Partnerships to drive innovation
  •  Global solutions for a global industry

Infrastructure Transformation – Equitable Transformation

  •  Energy transformation
  •  Pathway to zero-emission fuels
  •  Competition for fuels
  •  Cross-sectoral collaboration

Financing the Transition – Catalysing Transformation

  •  Financing the 4th Propulsion Revolution
  •  Fostering innovation
  •  New financing models and mechanisms

Closing Ceremony