Ebola Information

This page is provided to assist anyone seeking the latest information with regard to Ebola and will be updated on a weekly basis.  

ICS, ITF and IMEC have issued a joint statement regarding Ebola this can be accessed at:


Infographic from University of Southern California

The following hyperlinks enable access to various UN Ebola Websites.  These should always be used as a first point of reference. 

IMO Ebola Website
ILO/ WHO joint statement 
World Health Organisation Ebola Website 

Please be aware that WHO  no longer publishes an update to the Ebola response roadmap situation report every Friday. Instead, updated epidemiological data will be regularly published as and when  available. WHO will regularly publish the Ebola response roadmap situation report each Wednesday. The most recent available data is available at: http://apps.who.int/gho/data/node.ebola-sitrep

 ICS have produced a database recording all reports and information received re Ebola this can be accessed at:Ebola Port actions database

The above document highlights information reported to ICS on actions taken by ports and port states regarding  Ebola. Anyone who has any information to share is encouraged to send this to: Natalie.Shaw@ics-shipping.org.

The IMO/WHO have also produced the below poster for seafarers with simple instructions to follow with regard to Ebola.  You are encouraged to download the IMO/WHO poster and place it onto your vessels: Ebola Flowchart of practical advice for seafarers.

The International Organisation of Employers (IOE) together with International SOS have also produced a video for business travelers with practical information regarding Ebola this can be viewed at: http://vimeo.com/user20751789/review/107013040/5b1f1f933e

The UN travel and transport joint task force have recently updated their statement regarding ebola.  This can be accessed here.  Ebola travel and trade statement final version


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