ICS - Shaping the Future of Shipping Film

ICS recently unveiled a new brand identity, to better serve its important role as the global trade association for shipowners, representing national shipowners’ associations from 37 countries and over 80% of the world merchant fleet. 

To promote the new brand, ICS has produced the short film below.

COVID-19 – Video in support of #HeroesAtSea

Over 400,000 seafarers are now being impacted by governments' continued inaction to facilitate crew changes across the world.

We need all hands on deck to save our seafarers and to prevent a logjam to global supply chains.

Seafarers are key workers and ICS joins the maritime community in sending an SOS message to governments around the world.

Watch and share the videos below, or for more information visit the dedicated ICS Covid-19 Page

#HeroesAtSea #SeafarersAreKeyWorkers

ICS Engine Room Procedures Guide

The ICS Engine Room Procedures Guide provides authoritative and comprehensive guidance on engine room procedures, to ensure that engine rooms are operated and managed safely. Modelled on the globally recognised ICS Bridge Procedures Guide, this new publication is relevant to all merchant ships, and will be invaluable to Chief Engineers and members of the engineering team, as well as shipping companies and training institutions. Watch and share the videos below, or for more information visit ICS Publications

Engine Room Procedures Guide – social media video


Empowering Women in the Shipping Industry

Shipping today is about technology and digitalisation, where new skills and approaches are the currencies of success. Organisations which have inclusive policies and business culture have demonstrated increased profitability, productivity and innovation, and an enhanced ability to attract talent and keep them. As more women join the ranks of the shipping industry, they will act as catalysts for change – and shape the future of shipping.

COVID-19 – Videos in support of #HeroesAtSeaShoutout

An initiative to recognise the 1.6 million workers who are at sea and maintaining global supply chains. Videos available for watching and sharing below. 

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