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The United Arab Emirates Shipping Association (UAESA) has been established to promote the interests of Shipowners based in and operating from the UAE, whilst also providing a common platform for interaction within the rest of the Industry.

Like other Shipowners Associations worldwide, the UAESOA will endeavour to be a focal point for exchange of ideas between the Industry & the Authorities and to provide its professional opinion to the Industry on Industry related issues. If required and requested by the National Authorities, the Association shall provide competent marine advisors to support, assist and enhance UAE representation at various International Marine Forums and offer guidance to all on compliance with UAE laws, both marine and others and assist the authorities in promoting regulations for the benefit of all Members and the industry.

“UAESOA has been established to provide a platform to support the interests of ship owners and the maritime industry of the UAE. We aim to bring the ship owners together with, maritime suppliers, service providers and concerned members of the public, for the benefit of the wider maritime community. We welcome all the ship owners based in UAE to join the association,” said Major General Sharafuddin Sharaf, vice chairman of Sharaf Group, and president of UAESOA.

Capt. Al Mesabi added:

“UAESA was launched in 2005 and formally established in 2007. The vision of the association is to promote and protect the interests of ship owners and the shipping community of the UAE, whilst additionally providing a shared platform for interaction within the remaining maritime industry.

We have till date a total of 32 members and our objective is to be a central communication point between the industry and the authorities. As UAE continues to strengthen its position as one of the world’s leading global maritime clusters, our vision is to add more value towards this growth. By joining the ICS we will be able to focus on representing regional entities on international platforms to gain more global recognition.

The ICS is directly working with the IMO, therefore we are in an effective position with both the UAE government as well as the IMO as a global body. It will also strengthen the position the membership position of the UAE with the IMO.

“The benefits towards the UAE as a maritime hub will not only aid in the exploration and options that are available to us already, but create and develop practices and guidance’s with the extensive help of knowledge possessed by the ICS in order to support our own shipowners and operators in all sectors and trades. The association has started with eight members and we are expecting up to a hundred others to join shortly.”

said Captain Jitendra Misra, general secretary of UAESOA, and managing director of Emarat Maritime.