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Founded in 2004 as the UAE Shipping Association and officially incorporated in 2005, the United Arab Emirates Shipping Association (UAESA) was established to promote the interests of Shipowners based in and operating from the UAE, whilst also providing a common platform for interaction within the rest of the Industry.

The UAESA will endeavour to be a focal point for exchange of ideas between the Industry & the Authorities and to provide its professional opinion to the Industry on Industry related issues. If required and requested by the National Authorities, the Association shall provide competent marine advisors to support, assist and enhance UAE representation at various International Marine Forums and offer guidance to all on compliance with UAE laws, both marine and others and assist the authorities in promoting regulations for the benefit of all Members and the industry.

In 2019, the Association was formally established through the Ministry of Community Development, appointing a board of directors, and becoming a member of the International Chamber of Shipping.

Capt. Al Mesabi added:

“As the Emirates Shipping Association, we proudly stand as the voice and backbone of the maritime sector in the region. From our inception in 2004, to our formal establishment under Ministerial Decree in 2019, to rebranding as ‘7Emirates’ in 2022, we have been tirelessly dedicated to uniting stakeholders across the maritime ecosystem to share ideas, address issues and promote the Emirates as a global maritime hub.

Our journey, marked by becoming a part of the International Chamber of Shipping and operating under the governance of Ministry of Community Development and in collaboration with the Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure, is a testament to our commitment to excellence and innovation in maritime practices.

With over 50 member organizations, we are not just a platform for industry insights and a hub for regional networking, but a collective force driving forward the UAE maritime industry. Our engagement with local and international partners underline our ethos of transparency, integrity, and community engagement.

The Emirates Shipping Association is more than an organization; it’s a beacon of maritime knowledge and advocacy, shaping policies and fostering a connected, empowered maritime community in the UAE and beyond.”