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Mario Mattioli has been President of Confitarma since 2017.

For about 20 years he was a member of the Confederal Council and the Executive Committee of Confitarma, also holding the position of Vice President and President of the Education Commission.

In 2018 Mario was unanimously elected president of the Federation of the Italian maritime system (Federation of the Sea), the organization that brings together the national cluster of maritime activities, and on 25 June this year he was reconfirmed in the office until October 2021.

“ICS plays a fundamental work in environmental issues which are at the core of future maritime policies under discussion at European and International forums and in fighting Market restrictions measures and protectionism.

No doubt that the significant improvements in the Industry’s recent environmental performance are mainly resulting from enforcement of the IMO Conventions: in the majority of World markets it is now extremely difficult for sub-standard ships to move avoiding detentions and sanctions.

As ICS represents the world’s shipowners at IMO and other international regulatory fora, Italian shipowners are convinced that ICS can further help shipping companies to be in line with IMO standards giving answers to all maritime issues, not only preserving the interest of the owners, but also of the whole World shipping community.”

Mario Mattioli, President of Confitarma

Since the early 1980s Mario Mattioli has been working in the family businesses belonging to the Cafiero Mattioli Group, holding numerous positions up to the current one of President of CA.FI.MA. Cafiero Mattioli Finanziaria SpA. Mario was born in Naples on 30 October 1963 and graduated in Economics from the “Federico II” University.