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Nicola is Employment Affairs Officer at ICS.

She supports the ICS Employment Affairs Department and Labour Affairs Committee who coordinate the development of the global industries position on employment related issues and their representation at external meetings and bodies such as the ILO, IMO and WHO.

She provides general support on a range of HR policy issues including Diversity and ILO MLC 2006 and in discussions with Trade Unions represented by the ITF.

She is a Level 5 Associate member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development and is soon to qualify at Level 7. Nicola holds a Bachelors Degree in Human Resources Management and a Masters Degree in Tourism Management from Plymouth University.

Prior to joining ICS she worked onboard Carnival cruise ships with a range of experience of various onboard HR roles ensuring crew welfare, compliance, employee relations and development.

“The maritime industry is such a unique working environment subject to challenges not experienced by those on land. Having worked onboard vessels myself I am aware of the issues affecting seafarers and I’m enthusiastic to be working with ICS to improve employment affairs matters for both shipowners and seafarers alike, throughout the global industry.”