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Teresa joined MIAL in 2003 on a variety of issues including shipping policy, employment and training, environment, health and safety, and vessel operations.

Teresa holds a degree in Naval Architecture from the Australian Maritime College and a master’s degree in Business Administration.  Teresa is a member of a diverse range of industry advisory and management committees.

Internationally Teresa was the Australian shipowner (employer) representative at the United Nations International Labour Organisation during the MLC adoption; regularly attended the UN International Maritime Organisation meetings as an industry adviser to the Australian delegation; and chaired the International Chamber of Shipping, Environment Sub-Committee from 2006 – 2013.  Teresa is the Secretary General, Australia, of the Asian Shipowners Association.

Prior to joining MIAL Teresa worked as the Manager Technical Services for the Port Hedland Port Authority; managed a project on the management of ships’ ballast water for the Victorian Environment Protection Authority; and worked as a consultant developing underkeel clearance management systems.

“MIAL is proud to be one of the founding members of ICS, a relationship that across the century has remained steadfast and is built on the foundations of ICS provision of vital information and intelligence which is unsurpassed in quality and reliability.

ICS is the thought leader of the global maritime industry across the broad regulatory landscape that governs the maritime sector. Membership not only ensures MIAL is well across current and emerging issues, it also provides our Members with a voice to contribute to debate.

The ICS member network of sister organisations worldwide ensures we have access to first hand expert advice on other national shipping policies and is an invaluable benefit of being part of ICS. Belonging to ICS is a big part of what makes MIAL who we are: a trusted, credible maritime and shipping industry advocate in Australia.”

Teresa Lloyd, CEO – Maritime Industry Australia Ltd