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Tim is Senior Advisor in the Marine Department.

Tim is the ICS lead on matters of seafarer training and certification, ship’s manning, operational safety and human element issues, and is the Secretary to the ICS Manning & Training Sub-Committee. He is responsible for leading the ICS delegation to the IMO Sub-Committee on Human Element, Training and Watchkeeping (HTW), as well as representing ICS on seafarer-related matters being considered at other IMO bodies.

Tim has technical responsibility for ICS publications related to the STCW Convention, ISM Code, Manpower Report, Personal Service and Onboard Training Record Book, and the series of Onboard Training Record Books.

Representing the interests of shipowners in regulatory discussions at IMO is a responsibility and a challenge that I take great pride in, with each issue coming with a new opportunity to work with representatives of Governments and other stakeholders to negotiate an appropriate solution that accommodates sometimes quite divergent views.  My experience at sea and in instructing helps me facilitate this.


Tim Pack, Senior Advisor ICS Marine Department


Prior to joining ICS in 2020, Tim worked as an engineer on Carnival Corporation cruise ships.  For four years he instructed on the human element, energy efficiency in shipping, and exhaust gas cleaning systems at CSMART in the Netherlands.

Tim holds a degree from the University of Surrey in Mechanical Engineering.