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The international shipping industry is coming together with a flagship event, Shaping the Future of Shipping, in Glasgow on Saturday 6th November.

6 November 2021 ICS Event

The 4th Propulsion Revolution – Commitment and Challenge

Over the past 100 years of shipping, vessels have been powered by sail, coal and oil and gas. Now, in response to the climate crisis, the industry has committed to decarbonise by using more efficient technologies, lower emission fuels and ultimately moving to new zero carbon fuel sources created from renewable energy. Increasing the speed and scale of the transition will be vital. Learn about what is already being done to bring into service zero- and lower-carbon ships and what is needed to increase the pace of this deployment.

19 October 2021 ICS Event

Global Trade Outlook 2021

Join Singapore's Senior Minister of State, Chee Hong Tat and industry experts to discuss the global trade outlook for 2021 and shipping's performance.

7 July 2021 ICS Event

Infrastructure Transformation – Pathway to COP 26

Infrastructure transformation will be critical to shipping's decarbonisation and collaboration between all stakeholders will be key. Hear how ports, cities and fuel providers will play a role on the road to net zero.

2 June 2021 ICS Event

Ship Recycling

Ship Recycling comes under the spotlight in the latest Leadership Insights - LIVE.

12 May 2021 ICS Event

Maritime Security and Piracy

Leaders discuss maritime safety and security and the rise of piracy incidents in the latest ICS Leadership Insights series

28 April 2021 ICS Event

Risk and Shipping

The changing risk landscape for shipping comes under the spotlight in this latest discussion in the ICS Leadership Insights series

14 April 2021 ICS Event

The Future Seafarer

Leaders discuss the future of seafarers at the latest ICS Leadership Insights series

24 March 2021 Event