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Review of the Consortia BER

The Liner Shipping Industry Supports the Commission’s Proposed Extension of Commission Regulation (EC) No 906/2009

25 March 2014 Submission

Preliminary comments on proposed changes to the OECD model tax convention dealing with the operation of ships and aircraft in international traffic

In summary, the international shipping industry is broadly satisfied with the status quo with respect to the current text of the Convention, including Article 8. However, with respect to the current text of Article 15, opinions within the shipping industry appear to differ. ICS is cautious about commenting on proposed changes whose wider implications are difficult to fully understand, despite having been carefully studied by our members. ICS therefore suggests that the proposed changes to the OECD Model Convention need to be subjected to a far more comprehensive review.

25 February 2014 Submission

Views on Commission Regulation (EC) No 906/2009

The purpose of this initial informal submission is to present the view of the liner shipping industry with respect to the need for continuation of the Consortia Block Exemption Regulation (BER), with the aim of assisting the Commission as it continues its review of the Consortia BER. WSC, ECSA, and ICS respectfully urge the Commission to continue the current successful policy authorized by Article 103 of the Treaty and by Council Regulation (EC) No 246/2009 by extending the Consortia BER for at least another five years.

24 June 2013 Submission