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ICS Guidance on EU MRV

This guidance is intended to raise awareness of the requirements of the European MRV Regulation and to remind members of some of the key requirements. It includes a link to the European Commission website where a range of further guidance and links to the regulatory documents and FAQs can be found.

February 2018 Guidelines | Free

SDC 5/7/5 – Comments on SDC 5/7

Submitted by ICS and Vanuatu, Sub-Committee on Ship Design and Construction, 5th Session, Agenda Item 7, December 2017.

1 December 2017 Submission

Tripartite Shipbuilding Forum Agrees on Major Industry Goals

Carbon emissions, safety and cyber security were at the top of the agenda at the annual Tripartite Shipbuilding Forum which attracted more than 100 delegates. At the end of two days of debate it was agreed that the industry needs to design ships differently and be more technologically innovative to reach world climate goals and counter cyber security risks.

27 November 2017 Press Release