United for Wildlife Transportation Taskforce

ICS is a signatory to a set of voluntary ‘commitments’ aimed at representatives of the international transport industry, concerning ‘zero tolerance’ with respect to the illegal trafficking of wild animals.  Members, who are not already signatories are encouraged to consider signing these voluntary commitments themselves and to encourage their member shipping companies to do likewise.  

Through the Buckingham Palace Declaration, signatories and members of the United for Wildlife International Taskforce on the transportation of illegal wildlife products recognise the devastating impact of illegal wildlife trade and agree to a set of industry Commitments to tackle this issue and bring an end to illegal wildlife trade.

Illegal Wildlife Trafficking Policy

ICS will not knowingly facilitate or tolerate the carriage of wildlife or wildlife products, where trade in such wildlife or wildlife products is contrary to the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wildlife, Fauna and Flores (CITES) and as such illegal under international and national laws.


ICS is committed to the protection and conservation of the world’s natural environment and biodiversity and believes that staff have a vital role to play in delivering on this commitment, including participation in relevant training, reporting of incidents and taking appropriate action against perpetrators of illegal wildlife trade. 

In addition ICS supports the following United for Wildlife commitments:
• Better On-Site Protection for wildlife
• Reduce demand for illegal wildlife products
• Improve law enforcement
• Work with the private sector to reduce trafficking
• Engage young people with conservation


ICS promotes inclusion of zero tolerance policies in industry wide conditions of carriage, industry standards and guidelines.

United For Wildlife Transport Taskforce Bulletins

United For Wildlife Task Force Bulletins are advisories on issues of high concern related to wildlife trafficking and the transport sector. Bulletins related to maritime transport will be distributed to members of ICS.

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