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Shipping and the Environment: A Guide to Environmental Compliance

Fifth Edition

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From alternative fuels and propulsion systems, via energy-efficient practices, to digitalisation and efficient logistics, many possibilities are emerging to make the shipping industry a greener industry. Shipping and the Environment gives shipping companies and seafarers a comprehensive entry point into the vast range of regulatory and operational considerations designed to reduce shipping’s environmental footprint. This fifth edition builds on the success of the previous edition, Shipping and the Environment: A Code of Practice, Fourth Edition, which sold more than 10,000 copies. 

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Engine Room Procedures Guide

Second Edition

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The Engine Room Procedures Guide provides authoritative and comprehensive guidance on engine room procedures, to ensure that ships’ engine rooms are operated and managed safely while protecting the environment. A companion to the globally recognised ICS Bridge Procedures Guide, the Engine Room Procedures Guide can be used on all types of merchant ship. The second edition includes the latest safe procedures for handling liquefied natural gas, operating under low loads, enclosed space entry, and preparing for port state inspections. 

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Piracy, Armed Robbery and Conflict at Sea - 2024-25 Edition


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This publication provides advice on current piracy and armed robbery hotspots, as well as conflict regions and areas of increased risk. It includes the latest industry guidelines and advice to aid in the development of Ship Security Plans and also provides useful material for the training of Masters and Ship Security Officers to help achieve mandatory training requirements.

This 2024-2025 edition fully updates and supersedes 'Pirates and Armed Robbers: Guidelines on Prevention for Masters and Ship Security Officers 4th Edition' by the International Chamber of Shipping (ICS).

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Cyber Security Workbook for On Board Ship Use

Fifth Edition

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This practical and easy to understand workbook supports the owner, Master and the ship's crew with cyber security risk management.

It contains comprehensive checklists to assist with the day-to-day management of onboard cyber security and facilitates collaboration between ships, onshore IT departments and equipment manufacturers.

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