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IMO Maritime Research Fund – Prototype for R&D Contribution System

ICS has developed a prototype for a fully automated IMRF R&D Contribution System to demonstrate to IMO Member States how this would work in the context of the proposal to establish an International Maritime Research and Development Board (IMRB) and an IMO Maritime Research Fund (IMRF) financed by a mandatory R&D contribution equivalent to US$ 2 per tonne of fuel.

The prototype is intended to demonstrate that the establishment of the IMRF would involve minimal administrative burdens for IMO Member States, who are invited to explore how the R&D contribution system would work HERE.

Shipping companies are also welcome to explore this interactive prototype to see the how the R&D contribution system can be used:

  • to set up accounts for their ships with the IMRF;
  • submit verified fuel consumption data and make annual R&D contributions (including the option to make advance payments on a ‘Pay As You Go’ basis); and
  • understand more about this important proposal to accelerate R&D of zero-carbon technologies which can be applied to all types of merchant ship.