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Crucial updates to the Guidelines on the Application of the ILO Maritime Labour Convention for the industry

The shipping industry is being urged to take notice of the latest amendments to the International Labour Organization (ILO) Maritime Labour Convention (MLC) detailed in a new publication update from the International Chamber of Shipping (ICS), to ensure they comply and can operate and trade globally with their vessels. ICS Publications has published the fourth edition of Guidelines on the Application of the ILO Maritime Labour Convention, providing crucial updates to the shipping industry on its mandatory employment standards and best practices, to ensure compliance with the Convention and the obligations of maritime employers which the Convention sets out.

1 June 2023 Press Release

Seafarers take centre stage at upcoming summit in Manila

Employers (IMEC), shipowners (ICS) and unions (ITF) unite to bring a seafarer summit in Manila on 26 June 2023 following the Day of the Seafarer. The summit aims to highlight the elements required for a successful transformation of seafarers’ roles to meet the needs of shipping in the future. The Philippines continue to show leadership in matters relating to seafarers as host country to one of the most relevant summits this year, focusing on the requirements for seafarers in 2050

1 June 2023 Press Release

ICS calls on governments to set the course towards a net zero future in July

In July, governments at the UN body the International Maritime Organization (IMO), will set a course towards a net zero future. Shipowners have called on the member states to set a clear direction with increased ambition to achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2050. But the International Chamber of Shipping (ICS) argues that knowing where you want to go is only one part of the journey, you have to have the tools to reach your destination.

25 May 2023 Press Release

Political instability is a “Risk Multiplier” which is putting a successful green energy transition in maritime in jeopardy ICS report shows

• New report highlights that there is changing attitudes towards the fuels of the future from industry leaders but reliance on fossil fuels remains high without global political and regulatory clarity. • Newly published report from the International Chamber of Shipping (ICS) – The ICS Maritime Barometer Report 2022-2023 - shows that clear direction from governments is needed to accelerate the green energy transition. • Political instability, financial instability and cyber-attacks among top risks identified.

16 May 2023 Press Release

ICS Chairman Emanuele Grimaldi meets with CSA leadership and Chinese officials signifying a new era of collaboration

• The International Chamber of Shipping’s (ICS) Chairman Emanuele Grimaldi met with China Shipowners’ Association (CSA) in Shanghai to enhance collaboration between the ICS and China. • Emanuele Grimaldi also met with high-ranking Shanghai government officials to discuss topics at the top of China’s shipping agenda. • The meetings signify a new era of collaboration to address the shipping industry’s collective challenges, building on the already strong relationships between ICS and China.

11 April 2023 Press Release