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The Irish Chamber of Shipping is Ireland’s principal trade association for the shipping industry; it is a membership organisation and represents ship-owners and operators in all sectors and trades in Ireland. The Irish Chamber of Shipping is Ireland’s representative on European Community Shipowners’ Associations (ECSA) and the International Chamber of Shipping.

The Irish Chamber of Shipping (ICoS) was established in November 1971 to promote and advance the interests of the Shipping Industry in Ireland.

Since its establishment, the membership of the ICoS has largely been made up of indigenous Irish shipping companies or companies trading directly between Ireland and the UK. In more recent years, due to the work of the Irish Maritime Development Office, IMDO, and others Ireland has become a more attractive location for international shipping companies to establish. This has resulted in a broadening of the membership of the ICoS to include a number of companies who rarely if ever trade to Ireland but still wish to play an active role in the ICoS and are committed to the advancement of the Shipping Industry in Ireland.


The ICoS Mission is to be an effective and influential voice for the shipping industry in Ireland. ICoS represent their members at ICS, ECSA and on other national and international bodies and forums, influence policy in relevant areas and ensure members are properly informed on developing issues. Through collective action ICoS promotes continuous development of the shipping industry in Ireland.

Delivering for the Shipping Industry.

The ICoS vision is to be a dynamic and influential voice for the shipping industry in Ireland.

Key elements of the ICoS Strategy include:

  • Representing member’s interests with relevant Government Department and State Agencies; at the International Chamber of Shipping and European Community Shipowners Association; and at other National and International forums as considered necessary.
  • Providing members with briefings and information on key national and international regulatory developments and trends relevant to their requirements.
  • Working with IMDO and other agencies to progress matters of mutual interest and engage in relevant joint activity to support the development of the maritime sector.
  • Promotion of the growth of the Irish flag and register and the benefits of Ireland as a base for maritime activity.
  • Promoting the role of the shipping industry as a safe, clean, environmentally responsible and efficient industry that is essential to global trade.
  • Encouraging high standards across the Irish maritime sector.
  • Working with the National Maritime College of Ireland (NMCI) and its associated companies to promote careers at sea; ensure an appropriate supply of trained seafarers and promote Ireland as a centre for maritime education and training.
  • Championing the cause of shipping within Ireland.