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Since its establishment on June 20, 1960 until today, the Korea Shipowners’ Association (KSA) has made an untiring effort to ensure the development of the Korean shipping as well as promoting the rights and interests of its members and boosting international shipping collaboration.

Particularly, the KSA has focused its attention on strengthening international competitiveness of the Korean fleet as the Korean shipping market became wide open to the outside with the deregulation and liberalization in the world shipping market in the late 1990s.

In the meanwhile, the Korean Government has introduced advanced shipping regimes including “the Ship Investment Company System” and “the Tonnage Tax Scheme” following “the Jeju Ship Registry” in a bid to make Korea one of the best places for shipping business in the world.

As a result, shipping-related regimes in Korea have improved considerably and its merchant fleet has expanded to a remarkable extent.

The number of the KSA members has increased from 12 at the time of inauguration to the current 126, and the Korean fleet grew from less than 0.1 million gt to more than 1.9 million gt at present.

The KSA will continue to make its best effort to do its part to ensure joint growth of the shipping industry in Asia; sound development of the global shipping market and; moreover, sustainable progress of the world economy as well as reinforcing competitiveness of the Korean shipping.