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The Swedish shipping industry is important in keeping Swedish industry competitive. The mission of the Swedish Shipowners´ Association is to increase knowledge of the Swedish shipping industry and promote issues nationally as well as internationally.

The member shipping companies are at the forefront of environmental and safety issues representing an attractive future field of business sector. The Swedish shipping industry is part of the European shipping cluster which controls just over 40 % of the merchant navy worldwide.

Over 90 % of Swedish trade pass through the shipping industry. The Swedish shipping cluster employs more than 100,000 people making the industry instrumental in contributing to the national economy in many respects.


Climate Road Map – Materials for Proposal to the Committee/Commission “Climate Road Map 2050” (pdf)

Research is a prerequisite for ensuring that Sweden achieves its safety, climate and environmental goals within the shipping industry.

Swedish shipping research is one of the fundamental requirements for making the Swedish shipping companies and industry competitive.

The Swedish Shipowners’ Association was in 2009 the first shipowners’ association in Europe adopting the EU Maritime Strategy and thus it is zero vision that the shipping industry should make no negative impact on air and water.

The challenge is to achieve the zero vision profitably and is illustrated by the four arrows .


Report ”Decarbonising Maritime Transport: The Case of Sweden ” / OECD-report


This report forms part of the ITF programme on Decarbonisation of Transport. It examines the factors that have put Sweden at the forefront of decarbonisation of maritime transport, and reviews how other countries could learn from this success story.