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The Swiss Shipowners Association has been created in 1942, following the Swiss government decision to have an independent Swiss flag fleet able to guarantee the supply of the country during the war.

Since its set up, the Swiss Shipowners Association always built constructive relationships with Federal Department of Navigation and Federal Council, efficiently influencing Swiss Maritime policy.

Since 2019, the Swiss Shipowners Association opened its membership to all Ship owners / operators based in Switzerland flying any internationally accepted flag.

Participation in international organisations

The Swiss Shipowners Association is a permanent member of the ICS (International Chamber of Shipping) and seats in the board. The Association is also member of BIMCO and STSA (Swiss Trading and Shipping Association).

Such participation enables the Swiss shipowners community to participate in the decision process of such associations and organisations.

The Swiss Shipowners Association is also the official counterpart for all discussions between the Swiss government, Nautilus and Swiss flag vessels shipowners.


White book on the Swiss maritime sector

The Association released a white book on the Swiss maritime sector (May 2020). It states the most important measures to secure the Swiss maritime fleet in a competitive environment. Read more