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Karin Orsel represents the Dutch shipowners / KVNR at ICS.

In the Netherlands, she forms the dual presidency of the board of the KVNR together with Sibrand Hassing. Karin Orsel is Co-President of the Royal Association of Netherlands Shipowners. Mrs. Karin Orsel became a shipowner and maritime entrepreneur at the age of 23 in the northern town of Delfzijl in the Netherlands. She has been CEO of her ship management company MF Shipping Group since 2001.

In 2004, Orsel acceded as a member to the board of the Royal Association of Netherlands Shipowners or Koninklijke Vereniging van Nederlandse Reders (KVNR) in Dutch. In 2017 she was appointed co-president of the association, together with Mr. Sibrand Hassing.

“The maritime sector is expanding. The globalised world needs global transportation. This is where maritime services create opportunities to meet an increasing demand. Our global future is maritime oriented, we need ICS for a coordinated and strong voice.”

Orsel has received prestigious awards, among which the “Industry Leader Award 2019” at the Tanker Shipping & Trade Conference in London and the “Personality of the Year 2019” at the WISTA International General Meeting.

In 2017, Karin Orsel received an Honorary Doctor of Public Administration Degree of the Massachusetts Maritime Academy in recognition of her significant contributions to and impact on the maritime industry through her leadership, motivation and commitment to excellence as well as her active participation in numerous national and international organisations.

As co-president of the Royal Association of Netherlands Shipowners Orsel promotes the collective interests of the Dutch shipowners in the board of the International Chamber of Shipping together with managing director Mrs. Annet Koster.

While promoting the interests of its members, the KVNR contributes to the global agenda of ICS. The KVNR strives to ensure that Dutch shipowners can operate globally while navigating safely with clean ships operated by skilled crews.