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Kierstin Del Valle Lachtman is the Secretary General of the Liberian Shipowners’ Council (LSC). Prior to her appointment in February 2019, Kierstin worked for Cruise Lines International Association as a member of the Maritime Policy team for over 5 years. Kierstin holds a B.Sc. in Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering from Webb Institute and an M.Sc. in Engineering Management from The George Washington University.

In a constantly changing regulatory environment, LSC depends on ICS to help drive critical safety and environmental improvements through the International Maritime Organization and among relevant stakeholders. LSC’s areas of focus at ICS include determination of achievable measures to reduce shipping’s contributions of greenhouse gases, enhancement of fire protection and prevention measures on container ships, and the elimination of violent attacks against ships, particularly in the Gulf of Guinea. We are confident in ICS’ ability to help us acheive meaningful change on these top issues and others.

“As a shipowners’ association representing a global fleet with shipping companies from all over the world, our Membership to ICS is critical to make sure our voice is heard on both global and regional issues. Through ICS, we are able to colloborate and coordinate with other national shipowners’ associations so that we can achieve postive change on policy issues impacting all ships and their seafarers.”

Kierstin Del Valle Lachtman LSC Sectary General