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Kiran, an English qualified solicitor, is the Principal Legal Director and Secretary of the Maritime Law Committee and the Insurance Committee. She is responsible for the ICS Legal team and advising member associations on legal, insurance and competition related matters affecting shipowners. The Legal team represents ICS on all legal and insurance issues at the IMO and at other UN agencies as well as the UN itself in New York. It is currently focused, amongst other matters, on the negotiations for a new UN convention on protection of marine biodiversity in areas beyond national jurisdiction (BBNJ) and, at the IMO, defending shipowners’ right to limit liability and promoting the fair treatment of seafarers.

Kiran is also the Company Secretary and deals with corporate governance and compliance issues affecting ICS in addition to her work on regulatory matters.

Prior to joining ICS, Kiran worked in private practice with a specialist shipping law firm in London and then at a major IG P&I club, heading the Defence team.

The legal team works closely with our shipowner associations to respond to all the legal and insurance issues facing the industry at all the international fora with which ICS engages. ]

My own experience (of shipping law, insurance and international regulations) has reinforced the importance of the ICS mantra “global regulation for a global industry” which today is more vital than ever to ensure the smooth running of international trade and to keep safe our ships, our seafarers and our marine environment.