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Mark Robson is a seasoned business strategist and management consultant with a tenured background in risk strategy, M&A, and corporate strategy. Based in Toronto, Mark has demonstrated expertise in leading high-performance teams across finance, energy, manufacturing, and technology sectors. He is a co-founder of LEAP Strategy Partners, an advisory firm that uniquely offers CEOs confidential, unbiased counsel from a curated panel of former CEOs through its proprietary PanelBuilder methodology. This platform enables dynamic adjustment of expertise to reflect CEOs’ evolving challenges, making LEAP an invaluable partner in strategic decision-making. Previously, Mark served as Senior Director at Willis Towers Watson, focusing on business development and client management, and as a Director at Marsh & McLennan Companies, emphasizing global M&A and energy strategies. Mark is recognized for his cautious yet bold approach, continuously seeking innovative solutions that drive significant business growth. His leadership style fosters safe, collaborative environments that ignite ideas and resolve complex challenges. At LEAP, he ensures that the insights and recommendations provided are both actionable and reflective of the complex, nuanced realities that CEOs face.