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Dr. Kroeger is Managing Director of the German Shipowners’ Association – VDR since 2012. In paralel he holds the position of Managing Director of the German Shipping Foundation, a facility founded to co-sponsor training and education of seafarers in Germany. Dr. Kroeger is delegated member to several European and international maritime related advisory committees and expert groups and a leading industry representative to many international and intergovernmental organizations. Before joining VDR, Dr. Kroeger worked as Managing Director for the Association of German Seaports Operators in Hamburg.

Dr. Kroeger graduated from the University of Hamburg in Germany with a degree in Law and Legal Studies in 2001. He earned a Master of Laws degree in Shipping Law with honors at the University of Cape Town in 2003 and was awarded with a Doctor of Laws (Dr. iur.) by the University of Hamburg in 2006. Dr. Kroeger was admitted to the bar of the State of Hamburg in Germany as attorney-at-law in 2007.