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Päivi Brunou, Head of Cyber Security at Wärtsilä Voyage, Finland is a sense maker with a pragmatic and holistic approach to cybersecurity. She wants to make cybersecurity visible and part of everybody’s business.

In her daily work, Päivi heads the cybersecurity activities in maritime realms at Wärtsilä Voyage; coaching people, adjusting tools, processes and methods for context fit solutions.

Voyage solutions leads the maritime industry’s transformation towards a Smart Marine Ecosystem in which high levels of connectivity, digitalisation and data exchange create greater levels of efficiency, safety and environmental performance. In this cybersecurity no longer can be an afterthought.

As an avid networker, curious engineer and determined to learn something new every day, Päivi is contributing to creation of industry standards, studying for a Masters in Autonomous Maritime Operations and enjoying her WISTA network.