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Phil Morgan is a Professor (Personal Chair) in Human Factors and Cognitive Science and Director of the Human Factors Excellence (HuFEx) Research Group at the School of Psychology, Cardiff University.

He is also Director of Research within the Cardiff University Centre for AI, Robotics and Human-Machine Systems (IROHMS).

Professor Morgan has specialist knowledge in Cyberpsychology, HMI design, HCI, and intelligent-mobility (with a focus on autonomous vehicles). He has authored more than 80 research outputs and has received  more than £9M direct (more than £18M collaborative) funding.

He currently works on a number of large-scale projects funded by Airbus, where he is seconded part-time as Technical Lead in Cyber Psychology and Human Factors and where he leads the Airbus Accelerator in Human-Centric Cyber Security.

Professor Morgan challenges the view that humans will always be the weakest link in in cyber security with his research teams making strides to provide compelling evidence to support this thesis.