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Robert Alexander Ho is the Chairman of Fairmont Shipping (H.K.) Limited, the Director of Magsaysay Maritime Corporation and A. Magsaysay Inc..

He comes from a traditional shipping family of three generations and he was instrumental in Fairmont’s and Magsaysay’s growth along with other family partners over the past 40 years. The Fairmont and Magsaysay Group celebrated its 70th anniversary in November 2019.

Robert is Vice Chairman of London Steam-Ship Owners’ Mutual, the Vice Chairman of Vucca Marine (South Africa), and board member of International Chamber of Shipping.

He graduated from Harvard University having majored in both school of economics and visual arts and communications.

ICS will be entering a new century of very complex challenges and demanding regulations globally. With its diverse membership ICS represents the majority of shipowners worldwide and is well equipped to face the future on global issues – be they  developments in maritime safety, working closely with IMO, ILO, ITF, and partners in maritime industry such as BIMCO, Intertanko, Intercargo.

With the common views we frequently discuss and share, the future looks very exciting as we aim to develop the R&D fund to identify pathways to zero-carbon ships by 2030 and beyond, and we pursue many other pertinent political and maritime issues in the coming future.

As an ICS Board member, I look forward to working with all ICS associates and members to create a better shipping environment serving the society and the public as partners.

Robert Ho, Chairman, Fairmont Shipping (HK) Ltd.