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Press Release

ICS launches its 2020 Annual Review in Chinese

26 November 2020: Today, the International Chamber of Shipping (ICS) has launched its Annual Review for 2020 in the Chinese language for the first time, ahead of a meeting between the International Chamber of Shipping and the China Shipowners’ Association.

Chinese version of the press release

26 November 2020

The officially translated Review bridges language barriers and offers the Chinese audience a comprehensive summary of issues in which ICS is engaged on behalf of the international shipping industry. ICS represents over 80% of the world merchant fleet and it is the principal association for shipowners.

The translated Review, which has been prepared by a professional team of Shanghai Maritime University, explores extensively the work of ICS across a wide range of subjects with regard to the year 2020 and international shipping. This includes: the impact of COVID-19 and the intensifying crew change crisis; the industry efforts to decarbonise shipping; piracy in West Africa and the continuing migrant crisis in the Mediterranean; supporting the successful implementation of the IMO 2020 Sulphur Cap and the IMO Ballast Water Management Convention; defending the global pollution liability regime; and pushing for a fundamental review of the STCW Convention on seafarers’ training standards.

Guy Platten, Secretary General of the International Chamber of Shipping said:
“ICS recognises China as a key maritime country and greatly values good relations with the Government of China and other major stakeholders within the Chinese Shipping industry, including the China Shipowners’ Association (CSA). China is expected to emerge as the world’s leading maritime power during the next 10 years.”

“In reflection of this, we have translated our 2020 Annual Review into the Chinese language, eliminating language gaps and offering an official analysis on the vital work of ICS to interested parties in the Chinese shipping community. The release of the translated Review correlates with the key objective of the ICS (China) Liaison office, which is to increase mutual understanding and cooperation between the country’s Shipping Industry and ICS, with respect to important longer term regulatory issues being considered at the global level.”

“We are also grateful to the Shanghai Maritime University for their support in translating our Annual Report.”

Edward Liu, Principal Representative of the ICS (China) Liaison Office said:
“On the first anniversary of the establishment of ICS (China) Liaison Office, the announcement of the Chinese version of the Annual Review is a significant step for this Office to become the ‘super-connector’ between the Chinese shipping community and the global shipping industry.”

“Looking ahead the next year, we will continue with our work to be the ‘promoter’ of the Chinese shipping community to the world, and the ‘facilitator’ of enhancing the Chinese shipping management and governance to the global maritime calibre.”

A copy of the Annual Review in Chinese is available here and in English here.

Chinese version of the press release



在国际航运公会(ICS)与中国船东协会(CSA)即将举行双边会谈之际,ICS在2020年11月26日首次以中文发布《2020年年报》。ICS希望通过中文版《年报》的发布,跨越任何语言障碍,向中国航运业界提供ICS代表国际航运业在过去一年参与并处理的主要问题的全面简介。 ICS拥有的船舶运力占全球商船队的80%以上,是代表全球船东的行业组织。

由上海海事大学的专业团队负责翻译的《年报》中文版,广泛探讨了ICS在2020年和国际航运领域的工作,包括:应对新冠肺炎疫情对船舶运营的挑战和船员换班困境;航运业在零碳排放方面的努力;打击猖獗的西非海盗和处理持续的地中海移民危机;成功支持IMO 2020硫限量的实施和讨论修改IMO《船舶压载水公约》;捍卫全球污染责任制度;以及推动对《海员培训、发证和值班标准国际公约》中有关海员培训标准的基本审查。

ICS秘书长盖·普拉滕(Guy Platten)表示:“作为全球最重要的海运强国之一,ICS始终高度重视与中国政府和中国航运业主要持份者(包括CSA)的良好合作关系。