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Statement of Purpose

The aim of ICS is to promote the interests of shipowners and operators in all matters of shipping policy and ship operations.

To that end ICS will:

  • Encourage high standards of operation and the provision of high quality and efficient shipping services.
  • Strive for a regulatory environment which supports safe shipping operations, protection of the environment and adherence to internationally adopted standards and procedures.
  • Promote properly considered international regulation of shipping and oppose unilateral and regional action by governments.
  • Press for recognition of the commercial realities of shipping and the need for quality to be rewarded by a proper commercial return.
  • Remain committed to the promotion of industry guidance on best operating practices.
  • Co-operate with other organisations, both intergovernmental and nongovernmental, in the pursuit of these objectives.
  • Anticipate whenever possible and respond whenever appropriate to policies and actions which conflict with the above.