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Statement of Purpose

ICS is the principal international trade association for the shipping industry, representing all sectors and trades and comprising national shipowner associations, through which structure it can uniquely and legitimately claim to speak for the significant majority of international shipping (the “Industry”).

The aim of ICS is to, inter alia:

(a)Present the agreed, unified view of the Industry to all relevant regulatory authorities; and

(b)To act as an advocate for the Industry on issues of maritime affairs, shipping policy and technical matters, including ship construction, operation, safety and management, and to develop best practice in the Industry.

To that end, ICS will:

  1. ENCOURAGE high standards of operation and the provision of high quality and efficient shipping services.
  2. STRIVE for a regulatory environment which embraces safe shipping operations, protection of the environment, maintenance of open markets and fair competition as well as adherence to internationally adopted standards and procedures.
  3. SUPPORT such regulation of shipping at an international level and oppose unilateral and regional action by governments.
  4. PRESS for recognition of the commercial requirements of shipping and of the need for operators who meet the required standards to secure a proper commercial return.
  5. REMAIN COMMITTED to the promotion and updating of industry guidance on best operating practices.
  6. COOPERATE with other organisations, both intergovernmental and non-governmental, in the pursuit of these objectives.
  7. PROMOTE the industry’s profile as a safe, clean, energy efficient, comprehensively regulated and responsible facilitator of global trade.
  8. ANTICIPATES whenever possible and responds whenever appropriate to policies and actions which conflict with the above.