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How ships are designed and constructed, and the equipment on-board, is critical to assuring the safety of ships and seafarers and protecting the marine environment.

The Construction & Equipment Sub-Committee is the principle ICS forum for discussion of ship construction, equipment and other ship system matters, reporting to the ICS Marine Committee.

About the C&E Sub-Committee



About the C&E Sub-Committee

The Sub-Committee brings together technical experts from both Member Associations and from shipowners and operators to consider ship design, construction and equipment issues.

Members provide detailed technical expertise to report to and advise the Marine Committee on highly technical issues such as the Energy Efficiency Design Index (EEDI), minimum power requirements, the Common Structural Rules (CSR) and Classification Society requirements for ship design, construction and equipment.

The Sub-Committee considers matters of concern raised by Members, such as reports of equipment failure and ship survey.

Representing the interests of Members, the Sub-Committee promotes safer shipping by ensuring that concerns over ship design, construction and equipment are brought to the attention of other stakeholders such as IMO and its member States.


The Construction & Equipment Sub-Committee considers the most pressing matters facing shipowners and operators with regards to seafarer training, seafarer certification and ship’s manning, which includes monitoring and engaging with:

  • Developments at IMO in relation to amendments to the STCW Convention; (Add explainer about IMO STCW Convention).
  • Implementation and application of the STCW Convention by Administrations, including flag States (Add explainer flag states) and seafarer supply States (Add explainer seafarer supply States); and
  • Developments in ship systems and equipment to identify any new areas of training that may be required for seafarers in support of efficient, safe, secure and environmentally sound ship operations.

The Manning & Training Sub-Committee enables ICS to advocate for international standards for seafarer training and an IMO Convention that are fit for purpose and continue to meet the needs of shipowners for qualified and competent seafarers to safely man and operate their ships.


The Sub-Committee reports to the Marine Committee and prepares ICS positions on a range of matters discussed in the following IMO Committees and Sub-Committees:

  • IMO MSC (Maritime Safety Committee)
  • IMO MEPC (Marine Environment Protection Committee)
  • IMO CCC (Sub-Committee on Carriage of Cargoes and Containers)
  • IMO III (Sub-Committee on Implementation of IMO Instruments)
  • IMO PPR (Sub-Committee on Pollution Prevention and Response)
  • IMO SDC (Sub-Committee on Ship Design and Construction)
  • IMO SSE (Sub-Committee on Ship Systems and Equipment)

The Sub-Committee may also have connections to and liaise with other external bodies on a case by case basis as deemed appropriate by the Committee.

Such other bodies may include Governmental, Inter-governmental (IGO), Non-governmental (NGO) or public, private or commercial organisations.