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Maritime Industry Australia Ltd (MIAL) is the voice and advocate for the Australian maritime industry and is at the centre of industry transformation; coordinating and unifying the industry and providing a cohesive voice for change. MIAL represents Australian companies which own or operate a diverse range of maritime assets from international and domestic trading ships; floating production storage and offloading units; cruise ships; offshore oil and gas support vessels; domestic towage and salvage tugs; scientific research vessels; dredges; workboats; construction and utility vessels and ferries. MIAL also represents the industries that support these maritime operators – finance, training, equipment, services, insurance and more.

MIAL provides a full suite of maritime knowledge and expertise from local settings to global frameworks. This gives us a unique perspective. We work with all levels of government and local and international stakeholders ensuring that the Australian maritime industry is heard. We provide leadership, advice and assistance to our members spanning topics that include workforce, environment, safety, operations, fiscal and industry structural policy.

MIAL’s vision is for a strong, thriving and sustainable maritime enterprise in the region.  For further information go to


MIAL about ICS

“MIAL is proud to be one of the founding members of ICS, a relationship that across the century has remained steadfast and is built on the foundations of ICS provision of vital information and intelligence which is unsurpassed in quality and reliability.

ICS is the thought leader of the global maritime industry across the broad regulatory landscape that governs the maritime sector. Membership not only ensures MIAL is well across current and emerging issues, it also provides our Members with a voice to contribute to debate.

The ICS member network of sister organisations worldwide ensures we have access to first hand expert advice on other national shipping policies and is an invaluable benefit of being part of ICS. Belonging to ICS is a big part of what makes MIAL who we are: a trusted, credible maritime and shipping industry advocate in Australia.”

Teresa Lloyd, CEO – Maritime Industry Australia Ltd


2018 Seafaring Skills Census

Maintaining an effective maritime trade will rely on our access to maritime skills. Australia needs to preserve and grow the number of qualified mariners to meet
the needs of a wide range of sectors, including off-shore, dredging, dive support, bunkering, towage, pilotage, passenger and tourism, fishing and aquaculture, research and government. Australia’s shore-based roles will also continue to rely on these skills including for harbour masters, surveyors and regulators.

Diversity Report

The analysis reviews the data and perspectives on how gender diversity is considered and addressed within organisations operating within the Australian maritime industry.