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The New Zealand Shipping Federation was established in 1906 and is the representative body for New Zealand’s coastal ship operators.

As an island nation, coastal shipping is vital to New Zealand’s transport infrastructure, emergency preparedness and for our economic, environmental, and social welfare.

New Zealand Shipping Federation works with decision-makers to achieve policies that benefit all New Zealanders, including safe, secure, and clean shipping.


NZSF about ICS

“The International Chamber of Shipping is at the forefront of advocacy on issues impacting our industry. It is important that we are at the table, working on solutions before they hit us in distant New Zealand, and we are delighted to be part of the ICS team.”

John Harbord, Executive Director – New Zealand Shipping Federation



Evaluating the opportunity to transition to a low carbon freight transport system

EPECentre report, University of Canterbury, 2022. Commissioned by Swire Shipping New Zealand.

This report presents the work and results of the project titled: “Evaluating the opportunity in the heavy domestic freight sector to contribute to the decarbonisation of the transport task in New Zealand – Phase 1: Baseline of direct tank-to-wheel transport Greenhouse Gas emissions for key commodities”.

Energy use and GHG emissions are estimated across all freight transportation modes (Road, Rail, and Coastal Shipping). Considering all the emission sources investigated, estimates show that road emissions are between 2.4 and 2.7 times higher than rail, and between 5 and 5.6 times larger than coastal shipping emissions.