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The Nigerian Chamber of Shipping was formed in 2002 with the primary objective of ensuring that the domestic shipping industry participates fully in all commercial services in the Nigerian Coastal Waters and beyond.

It has grown to become an umbrella body for all stakeholders in the Nigeria Maritime / Shipping industry (ship owners, tanker vessel operators, port/terminal operators, shipyard/ dry dock owners, upstream and downstream service operators in oil and gas sector, international maritime/shipping operators, maritime lawyers, and financial institutions) securing for its members, maximum participation in Nigeria’s domestic and international trades.

The Chamber actively acts as a bridge between operators (indigenous and foreign), Government, International organizations and local regulatory agencies and also enjoys a close relationship with the global National Maritime authorities.


  1. Promote and protect the interest of industry stakeholders, securing maximum participation in Nigeria’s domestic and international maritime trade.
  2. Endeavour to create regulations which supports protection of the environment and adherence to internationally adopted standards
  3.  Encourage high standards of operation and provide efficient services with International standards.
  4. Support the growth and development of competitively priced international trade.
  5. Ensure the realization of the local content objective in the Maritime sector.


  • Advocacy: Promote the interest of operators and stakeholders through appropriate Policy advocacy and monitoring of the enforcement of Government policies that affects the industry.
  • Capacity Building: The Chamber partners with both local, foreign, intergovernmental and nongovernmental, organisations to provide learning in the pursuit of Continuous Professional Development in the shipping/maritime sector.
  • Advisory and Maritime Consulting: Undertakes in-depth feasibility studies for investors in the sector.
  • Publications: (Maritime digest) a quarterly journal, Bi-weekly Guardian Pull-out journal and other relevant trade materials and Nigerian Port Analysis.
  • Arbitration: Arbitration in trades’ disputes between members and government agencies thus saving huge legal fees and fostering better working relations in the industry.
  • Research: The Chamber is involved in extensive research and planning which ensures the creation of a platform for all embracing national policy decisions aligned with the heartbeat of the industry to engender positive turnaround in the sector.
  • Enlighten campaigns: The Chamber created a working synergy between the regulator and the operator in simple partnership and understanding by drawing all hands on deck to ensure the actualization of a common goal, this we achieve through events such as maritime round tables, Members evenings, interactive fora or breakfast meetings.