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KVNR (short for Koninklijke Vereniging van Nederlands Reders) represents its member shipowners based in the Netherlands.

Dutch shipowners exploit about 2,000 seagoing vessels of which close to 1,100 vessels sail the Dutch flag. The Dutch fleet is a modern and diversified fleet, operates globally and is market leader in the European short-sea sector. KVNR focuses on politics, government, the maritime cluster and society.

While promoting the interests of its members, KVNR contributes to the global agenda of ICS. KVNR strives to ensure that Dutch shipowners can operate globally while navigating safely with clean ships operated by skilled crews.

As a global industry it is vital for us to be united as shipowners not only at a national level, but even more so at the global level. Our ICS membership is closely linked to this global maritime playing field, whether on the regulatory side at IMO and ILO, or simply staying informed about maritime developments around the world.

The corona pandemic perfectly illustrated the added value of our membership: Throughout 2020, ICS played a proactive and essential coordinating role, not only informing us members, but putting crew change on the political agenda globally to move both  IMO and its member countries to recognise the issue and aid maritime workers and the whole industry.

Karin Orsel, CEO MF Shipping Group & Board member KVNR – ICS Board Member

NL flag portal

The NL flag portal gives access to all relevant information concerning the registration of seagoing merchant vessels and commercial yachts on the Dutch register and the establishment of a shipping company in the Netherlands. It also serves as a source of information for anyone interested in doing business with the maritime cluster in the Netherlands.