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Manoj Subramanian is Marine Adviser – Technical in the marine department.

Manoj is the ICS lead providing subject matter expertise on ballast water, sewage, grey water, and noise levels onboard ships and other technical matters, supporting the technical workstream under the ICS Technical Director.

Manoj is actively involved in supporting members and the development of ICS positions related to IMO regulatory developments at MEPC and PPR and further supporting the marine department with other IMO committees, subcommittees, and external bodies. Manoj will also support the efforts of the marine department technical team to represent members interests and positions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the maritime industry.

“Representing the ICS position on a variety of issues and participating in the development of IMO regulations is a rewarding aspect of my job. ICS members rely on me to analyse and disseminate pertinent information and provide direct responses to members regarding regulatory developments that affect them that are under my lead”

Prior to joining ICS in September 2022, Manoj gained experience working onboard ships as a marine engineer to management level and subsequently obtained an MBA from the University of Sussex.