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Capt. Cole Cosgrove currently serves as VP, Global Ship Management (GSM) and its subsidiary Marine Management Services (MMS) at Crowley Maritime Corp.

During over 34 years with Crowley, Cole also was VP, SSQE (Safety, Security, Quality & Environmental); VP, Marine Personnel; and VP, Marine Operations. In addition, Cole is

  • 2001 Thomas Crowley Award winner; executive co-sponsor for Crowley’s Veteran’s Resource Group;
  • past President of the Ship Operations Cooperative Program and Chair of the Safety and Environmental Working group;
  • prior Co-Chair of the Short Sea Shipping Cooperative; sitting member of the Transport Research Board’s Safety and Human Factors committee;
  • an Executive Area Maritime Security Committee member for Sector Jacksonville and past BOD member of the Jacksonville Propeller Club.

“ICS is the preeminent international maritime trade association. Through its Secretariat and member national associations, it is able to engage in discussions and influence outcomes on a number of issues in many international organizations, including the IMO.

These interactions are key in ensuring the development of “smart” regulations which achieve their intended purpose providing a value added service to the operations of the thousands of vessels represented by its distinguished membership.”

Capt. Cole Cosgrove

Cole served as operations lead for the construction, implementation and deployment of the Commitment Class project which was the largest capital investment to date in Crowley’s 128 year history.

Capt. Cole Cosgrove is a 1981 graduate of the USMMA, the United States Merchant Marine Academy. After graduation Cole sailed for about 10 years before coming ashore full time and holds an USCG Unlimited Master’s License.

“As a member of the Chamber of Shipping of America, we value the work of ICS and its member national associations on the many challenging issues facing the global maritime industry.

Our focus areas at ICS include environmental, safety and trade issues impacting our industry including greenhouse gases, shipping regulation and policy, mariner wellness, diversity and inclusion and implementation of SOLAS and MARPOL requirements.”

Capt. Cole Cosgrove