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Prof. Lynn Loo is Chief Executive Officer at the Global Centre for Maritime Decarbonisation (GCMD), a non-profit organisation based in Singapore. Co-founded by the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore and six industry partners, GCMD’s mission is to help the sector accelerate its decarbonisation efforts through shaping standards for future fuels, financing first-of-a-kind projects, piloting low-carbon solutions in an end-to-end manner under real-world operating conditions, and fostering collaboration across sectors.

Since GCMD’s founding in August 2021, Lynn led GCMD in commissioning a study to define the safety and operational envelopes for bunkering ammonia, a drop-in biofuels pilot involving 14 vessels bunkering at three ports on three different continents to bolster the integrity of green fuels supply chain, and a shipboard carbon capture pilot that focuses on articulating the value chain of captured carbon dioxide. Currently, the team is scoping ammonia transfer pilots in port limits to ready the ecosystem for safe use of ammonia as a marine fuel. Lynn has also broadened GCMD’s circle of partners by bringing in integrated energy companies, a management consulting firm, a law firm, a marine insurance company, and several trade associations. To-date, GCMD is working with more than 100 centre- and project-level partners.

Loo is also the Theodora D. ’78 and William H. Walton III ’74 Professor in Engineering, and Professor of Chemical and Biological Engineering, at Princeton University. She sits on numerous boards, including the Global Maritime Forum.