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Mr Steimler has more than 40 year experience in international shipping with extensive involvement and knowledge in most business areas within the industry.

Over the past 2 decades he has been an employee of NYK where he currently holds the position of President and CEO of NYK Group Europe and Managing Corporate Officer of the NYK Group, headquartered in Tokyo.

Mr Steimler, as Chief Executive of the European district branch, represents the Japanese Shipping Association with its 125 member companies at the International Chamber of Shipping. He holds a Doctorate of Maritime Operations.

“The world of diversified shipping has over many years struggled to ensure a common widespread understanding of the industry and its importance for countries and individuals wellbeing.

I am honoured and proud to be a Board member of ICS. This is an industry body with highly qualified and experienced individuals who collectively have a continual and genuine interest in ensuring a safe and reliable marketplace for the industry, with its seafarers serving humanity.

ICS strives to assist the IMO and other regulatory bodies to adhere to safe and environmentally friendly operations, whilst also ensuring that necessary measures are taken to spread information of the industry to the wider public. ICS ensures that national organisations and their voices are heard, which in a collective manner strengthens the guidance and advice from the industry in discussions with national and international regulatory bodies.”

Svein Steimler