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Véronique Bérubé is primarily responsible for the overall management of the activities including, but not limited to, operations, environment, safety and security, navigation and other marine matters related to domestic and international shipping.

She also keeps a regulatory watch into regulatory matters relevant to Chamber of Marine Commerce shippers or other members.

Prior to joining the Chamber, Ms. Bérubé worked as manager of a national safety program at Transport Canada, managing a team of technical experts and program officers in the development and implementation of marine safety legislation, regulations, standards, and amendments related to vessel design, construction, systems, and equipment.

Ms. Bérubé also has extensive experience drafting international requirements at the International Maritime Organization, having taken a role as Canadian Head of Delegation at IMO’s Ship Systems and Equipment and Ship Design and Construction sub-committees. She is a recognized authority on issues around autonomous vessels and was also Canadian Head of Delegation for the development of a Maritime Autonomous Surface Ship instrument where there are big challenges and fresh approaches needed to create new requirements.

Véronique’s journey as a mariner began when she earned a marine engineering degree at the Institut Maritime du Québec. Along the way she trained became an engineer on domestic cargo ships in the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence River, sailed as a marine engineer in the cruise ships industry internationally, and returned to Canada to apply her trade with the Canadian Coast Guard. She has spent a number of years in government as a marine safety inspector.