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Approval Procedure for In-water Cleaning Companies

February 2021 Free

This approval procedure sets minimum requirements for approval of in-water cleaning companies that remove and capture macrofouling organisms (i.e., visible to the human eye, as defined in IMO Guidelines 2011) which have colonised the immersed surfaces of ships. The procedure ensures:

  1. That the cleaning system and process are tested, audited and approved in accordance with the approval procedure by an independent approval body.
  2. That after approval, the quality management systems of the cleaning companies are subject to periodic internal audits, and external audits are to be carried out by the approval body at regular interval
  3. That ships, AFS manufacturers and cleaning companies will use the requirements in the industry standard on in-water cleaning with capture for planning, conducting, and reporting on the cleaning itself.
  4. That testing results can be utilised to apply for local permissions from port and other relevant authorities to operate within their jurisdictions.

This is one of two separate documents that outline performance-based requirements for in-water cleaning of a ship’s hull, propeller and niche areas with the capture of the materials that are removed during the process:

  • Approval procedure for in-water cleaning companies.
  • Industry standard on in-water cleaning with capture.