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Maritime Security: A Comprehensive Guide for Shipowners, Seafarers and Administrations, First Edition

April 2021 £180

Maritime security is an increasing concern for the shipping industry and security threats present real challenges to the entire global supply chain. In the years since SOLAS and the ISPS Code set out a dedicated statutory framework for the issue, a new security culture has emerged in the industry which has led to increasing understanding of the subject and best practices to mitigate particular threats. But the threats are always evolving and require constant vigilance.

This book provides a comprehensive guide to maritime security. Drawing on two decades of experience in the industry, it sets out the security threats faced by the shipping industry today, the statutory requirements that ships, shipping companies and port facilities must meet, and provides guidance on how to conduct a thorough threat assessment for a voyage. A model ship security plan is also provided along with guidance on how to complete it in accordance with statutory requirements.

It will be particularly useful to ship and terminal operators, seafarers and administrations, but will provide a useful entry point to the subject for anyone with an interest in maintaining the security of global trade.

This first edition title replaces two previous publications: Maritime Security: Guidance for Ship Operators on the International Maritime Organization (IMO) International Ship and Port Facility Security (ISPS) Code (2003) and Model Ship Security Plan (2003).