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Engine Room Procedures Guide, First Edition

August 2020

This first edition was withdrawn in November 2023 and replaced by the second edition.

The Engine Room Procedures Guide provides authoritative and comprehensive guidance on engine room procedures, to ensure that ships’ engine rooms are operated and managed safely while protecting the environment. Modelled on the globally recognised ICS Bridge Procedures Guide, the advice in this important publication is relevant for all types of merchant ship, and is an essential reference tool which reinforces established best practice throughout the global industry.


The first edition of this Guide sets out routine engine room procedures and also includes useful checklists for the ship’s engineering team. It provides clear guidance on safe and environmentally responsible engine room operation and maintenance, supporting internationally agreed standards and recommendations adopted by the International Maritime Organization (IMO).


  • Engineering department organisation
  • Engineering team management
  • Communication
  • Safety of the ship
  • Emergency preparedness
  • Critical operating periods
  • Watchkeeping
  • Pollution control
  • Machinery operation guidelines
  • Machinery maintenance and inspection guidelines
  • Ship-type specific guidelines
  • Preparing for inspections
  • Annex: Checklists