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#HeroesAtSeaShoutout – A retrospective

May 2020 Free

On 1st May Labour Day the world came together to salute our seafarers. Here is a glimpse of what happened:

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[Captain Andre LeGoubin, MNM MA FNI]

I’m proud to be one of over a million seafarers working on approximately 60,000 vessels.

We’re carrying over 90 % of the world’s commercial trade.

Like many seafarers, I’m unable to go home, or at least can’t get in, so we just have to carry on.

[ICS Chair Esben Poulsson]

These seafarers are the unsung heroes of global trade and we stand by them during this difficult time. 

We need governments to stand by them, too – and enable crew change!

A sincere thank you to everyone across the world for participating in #HeroesAtSeaShoutout.