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Ships, Sound your Horns – #HeroesAtSeaShoutout

June 2020 Free

Ships, Sound your Horns on Wednesday 8 July 2020, noon 12 pm local time at port!

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On Wednesday 8th of June, ships across the world will sound their horns at 12 noon local time to salute our seafarers.

Over 400,000 seafarers are now being impacted by governments’ continued inaction to facilitate crew changes across the world.

We need all hands on deck to save our seafarers and to prevent a logjam to the global supply chains.

Seafarers are key workers and we join the maritime community in sending an SOS message to governments around the world.

Seafarers are the unsung heroes on the front line of global trade and cannot be forgotten in this crisis.

#HeroesAtSeaShoutout #blowyourhorns #hornsforhope