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Further information on how to become a seafarer

Do you have an adventurous spirit? If so, a career in seafaring could be for you.

A good salary, opportunities to see the world, ongoing training to progress your career and the community feel on board, are just a few of the fantastic opportunities available to seafarers. Seafaring is a challenging career, which can see you spend months at a time at sea in demanding yet exciting conditions, but the rewards are great. You will have opportunities for growth that can see you climb the career ladder, progressing to more senior roles at sea or transitioning to roles on land and making friends and memories that will last you a lifetime.

Seafarers are vital for making sure our everyday lives can continue, from the food we eat, the fuel we use to heat our homes, the clothes we wear and more. We are able to access products and essential supplies thanks to seafarers who operate merchant ships that transport these goods around the world.

The shipping industry is facing a shortage of seafarers so now is the perfect opportunity to consider a career at sea. It is an exciting time for the industry which is undergoing a revolution in technology in response to climate change goals and increasing digitalisation.

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