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Supporting shipping

ICS is concerned with all technical, legal, employment and trade policy issues that impact on international ship operations. It works towards regulation of shipping at an international level, and opposes unilateral and regional action by governments.


Poster: COVID-19 – Practise Food Safety

This poster was withdrawn and replaced with new posters featured in the ICS Coronavirus (COVID-19): Guidance for Ship Operators for the Protection of the Health of Seafarers, Fourth Edition.

August 2020 Archive | Free

International Chamber of Shipping releases 2020 Annual Review

Review covers the impact of COVID-19 and the intensifying crew change crisis plus a broad cross-section of such as efforts to decarbonise shipping and the USD 5 billion industry fund to accelerate the R&D of zero-carbon technologies.

1 October 2020 Press Release

Coronavirus (COVID-19): Roadmap for Vaccination of International Seafarers, First Edition

This first edition was withdrawn in March 2022 and replaced by the second edition. While industry bodies are working with authorities at national, regional and international levels to prioritise rapid access to vaccinations for seafarers as key workers in all countries, it became apparent that a roadmap dedicated to seafarer vaccination would help to achieve global immunisation. Vaccination of seafarers in their home countries remains the preferred option but measures should be taken now to permit access to vaccination for seafarers from all countries. The roadmap provides a framework to establish a local vaccination programme dedicated to seafarers.

May 2021 Archive | Free