Safety and Operations

ICS Bridge Procedures Guide

5th Edition 2016 | £135

The ICS Bridge Procedures Guide is widely acknowledged as the principal industry guidance on safe bridge procedures, and is used by Masters, watchkeeping officers, companies and training institutions worldwide. The Guide is referenced in the footnotes of several International Maritime Organization (IMO) Conventions.

ICS Tanker Safety Guide (Chemicals)

4th Edition 2014 | £395.00 (plus postage - price on application)

The production of the Fourth Edition of the ICS Tanker Safety Guide (Chemicals) has been a major project, drawing on expertise throughout the industry. As well as taking account of the latest industry best practice, large sections of the Guide have been totally rewritten, primarily with the aim of assisting seafarers’ comprehension. The new edition takes full account of the adoption by the International Maritime Organization (IMO) in May 2014 of important amendments to the SOLAS Convention, following a major IMO review of tanker safety that has taken the best part of a decade. The new amendments include new mandatory requirements for the inerting of chemical tankers and changes made to the IMO Fire Safety Systems (FSS) Code. It is strongly recommended that a copy of the Fourth Edition is carried on board every tanker engaged in the carriage of chemical cargoes, and that copies are also held within shipping company technical departments.

ICS/ISF Guidelines on the Application of the IMO International Safety Management (ISM) Code

4th Edition 2010 | £105.00 with CD

This fourth edition has been fully updated to take account of the latest IMO amendments and guidance, including those which will enter into force in July 2010, and supersedes the previous 1996 edition. It includes expanded guidance on Safety Management Systems, environmental Management, risk management, safety culture and the role of the Designated Person Ashore (DPA). The guidelines are aimed at operations managers, DPAs, Masters and ships’ officers, and it is recommended that a copy of the guidelines is carried on board every ship. For ease of use, the new edition is accompanied by a CD which contains a searchable, electronic version of the text in addition to useful reference documents. These include a model Ship Energy Efficiency Management Plan to reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.

ICS Guide to Helicopter/Ship Operations

4th Edition 2008 | £120.00 with CD

This edition of the ICS Guide to Helicopter/Ship Operations reflects current best practice in the international shipping and aviation industries, and supersedes the previous (1989) edition.The guide has been fully updated with extended guidance regarding the role and responsibilities of both the ship and helicopter. Full account is also taken of the latest specifications for helicopter performance, the latest IACO (aviation) requirements for the safe location/marking of landing and winching areas, new guidance on the growing practice of transfer of bridge pilots direct to the bridge wing and revised guidance on actions to be taken in the event of helicopter incidents. It is recommended that a copy is carried on board every ship.To provide additional value and utility, this new edition is accompanied by a CD version of the text with a ‘search’ function.The CD also includes an electronic template for preparing helicopter landing/operating plans for transmission from the ship to the helicopter operator.

Safe Transport of Containers by Sea

1st Edition 2008 | £80.00 with CD

These new Guidelines have been published, in co-operation with the World Shipping Council, with a view to minimising the dangers to containerships, their crews, and all personnel involved with containers throughout the transport chain.They have been developed by an expert international industry working group in response to recent incidents involving containerships.The Guidelines recognise the safety responsibilities of ship operators, but also discuss the responsibilities of those involved with the correct packing and stuffing of the cargo into containers, the accurate labelling and declaration of the goods by cargo interests, and the weighing of loaded containers.In addition, they address the safe handling and stowage of containers when they are received by a port facility and are loaded on board a ship, and also cover the maintenance and inspection of the containers themselves.

Maritime Security: Guidance for Ship Operators on the IMO International Ship and Port Facility Security (ISPS) Code

1st Edition 2003 | £40.00

To help companies ensure that they can demonstrate full compliance with the ISPS Code, ICS has produced indispensable and definitive guidance on the Code and SOLAS amendments. This covers: ship modifications and additional carriage requirements; company responsibilities; documentary and information requirements for ships; The ISPS code in operation - compliance and controls; obligations of contracting governments; and requirements for port facilities.

ICS Model Ship Security Plan

1st Edition 2003 | £90.00 with CD

To assist shipping companies prepare Ship Security Plans that comply with the IMO International Ship and Port Facility Security Code. The ISPS Code requires every ship to carry a flag state approved Ship Security Plan. To help companies demonstrate full compliance, ICS has produced a Model Ship Security Plan covering all relevant ISPS Code and SOLAS requirements. A CD version of the plan accompanies each copy, allowing companies to adapt it for individual ships and their own security needs.

Assessment and Development of Safety Management Systems

1st Edition 1997 | £50.00

Designed to be used as a working document to assist companies developing their Safety Management System (SMS) to ensure compliance with the ISM Code provisions, this Checklist can also be used as a basis for developing documented methods of assessing the operation of the SMS during regular internal audits, and should provide a helpful reference tool to others involved in checking compliance with the ISM Code. Supplied with PC disk.

Ship/Shore Safety Checklist for Bulk Carriers

2000 | £8.00 per pack (£30.00 per pack of 5 checklist pads)

Packs of IMO approved ship/shore safety checklists for use by ship and terminal operators, incorporating guidance on completion and an example loading/unloading plan. Development of the checklists has been supported by BIMCO, Intercargo and IAPH.

Tanker Safety Guide (Liquefied Gas)

2nd Edition 1995 | £220 (plus postage - price on application)

This indispensable operating manual for anyone engaged in the carriage of liquefied gases by sea provides detailed information on the characteristics of liquefied gases, precautions, hazards and emergency procedures. A series of appendices provides additional information, including chemical data sheets for all liquefied gases carried by sea.

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